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Services SSM – Health and safety at work


Safety at work,

Counseling / SSM services


- The audit of the safety and health at work in your company, risk assessment for professional injury and illness at work – Preventive measures.
- Developing specific documentation for safety and health at work according to the legislation in force.
- Implementation of the procedures for safety and health at work; specific training for safety and health at work, practical exercises.
- Specific achievement signage for safety and health at work;
- Developing specific documentation for accidents at work / counseling for finishing the investigation of the accidents at work;
-Counseling and representation activities of the clients in case of an control of the responsible authorities and also for implementing the measures established or in case of an accident at work etc;
-Coordination for safety and health at work when developing the construction projects and also when caring out the works for mobile and temporary construction sites.

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