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Services PSI / SU – prevention and fire fighting


Emergency situations
Private fire-fighter service PSI / SU

Counseling / PSI/SU services:
Developing the documentation according to the National law nr. 307/2007 and Ministerial order nr. 163/2007 regarding the general guidelines for preventing and fighting against fires


- Auditing the company in the field of preventing and fighting against fires;
- Developing the necessary documents in compliance with the legislation in force;
- Specific training for preventing and fighting against fires, practical exercises, etc;
- Developing evacuation plans, intervention plans, specific sheets;
- Specific signalization for prevention and fighting against fires;
- Counseling and representation activities for clients when national authorities investigate different issues, for putting into practice the measures they establish, in case of an event, etc;
- Exercise for alerting, evacuation, first aid and fighting against fires;
- Counseling activities in order to obtain the fire safety authoriza;
- Fire risk assessment / developing fire safety scenaries;
- Private fire-fighter services.

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