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Working relationships

C Solutions
The working relationship is based on the principle of consensuality and good faith.


- Evaluation of the human resources activity and proposing the optimal solutions for it;
- Developing personalized individual contracts for work;
- Developing additional acts for modification of the individual working contracts;
- Developing collective working contacts;
- Elaborating the recruitment strategy and implementation of it by applying some active recruitment instruments;
- Defining the wages policy at the level of the whole company;
- Developing personalized bonus systems
- Developing personalized job descriptions;
- Developing regulation of organization and functioning;
- Developing internal regulation;
- Administration of the evaluation process of the performances of the company’s personnel;
- Mediation and solving the conflicts appeared at work and the complaining of the personnel
- Counseling activities of the managers regarding the relation with the other employees
- Representation of the company in relation with the national authorities and assisting during the thematic controls